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Curren’s near-mythic first waves at J-Bay, his paradigm-shifting Fireball Fish session at Bawa, his famous hand-jive exit at Backdoor—all interlaced among 38-minutes of fast, powerful, and technical rail surfing that transcends time.

Surfers Journal

June, 2022

"Curren was the spiritual leader of an eclectic band of surf gypsies. Carefully selected by behind-the-scenes svengali Derek Hynd."

Tim Baker | The Rip Curl Story

"You know what held it together was Sonny's personality. He had this way of cheering people up when they were not feeling so good. So that's what he was able to do, look at the hilarity as opposed to looking at the hassle."

Tom Curren

"We were inspired by our opportunity to be given this glorious pathway, and there was no Surfline. Many times, our endeavors were rewarded by our commitment to believe, like buying a lotto ticket. We didn't rely on guarantees."

Sonny Miller

"Sonny was probably one of the best people I've ever traveled with. He had the most upbeat nature. You could be in the most diabolical situation and Sonny is all happy and ready to go."

Ted Grambeau

Good Luck Finding The Best Surf Movie in History

"Searching for Tom Curren is almost certainly the finest surf film ever made. It stars our little sport’s most eccentric surfing genius at the height of his powers, and it was made by the late Sonny Miller, another of our maestros, also at his own artistic zenith."

Surfer Magazine

"Tom Curren's surfing has impacted every surfer in the world over the last 10 years."

Kelly Slater | 1996

" This is one of the finest surf films ever made. Curren is an artist and a genius. His surfing is fluid, powerful, instinctive and brave."

The Sun-Herald Sydney, Australia | November 24, 1996

"For many surf historians, surf filmmakers & fans, Searching for Tom Curren is one of the best movies of all times."

"I've watched Searching for Tom Curren like a kagillion times!"

Mason Ho

Surfers Journal
Tim Baker From the book - The Rip Curl Story
Tom Curren From the book - The Rip Curl Story
Sonny Miller From - Swell Season Surf Radio
Ted Grambeau From the book - The Rip Curl Story
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Kelly Slater 11x World Champion
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Beautiful Jefferys Bay south africa. Home of the famous surfing wave

Jeffreys Bay

May 28,1992 Tom Curren's first surf at Jbay

Sonny Miller

Sonny Miller

World Wave Studios California 1996

Sonny Miller Tribute Site
Indies Trader 1993

Indies Trader 1993

Greeny, Sonny, Frankie, Damien, Derek, Brock and Tom

Indies Trader Sonny and Ted

Indonesia 1994

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