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Sonny Miller filming in australia for the search. Photo Tom Servais

Sonny Miller: A Great Friend Who Lived Life to the Fullest

Traveling around the world with Sonny Miller on The Search was the best five years of my life. He was a legend- generous, encouraging, happy and always positive. We all had the best time with Sonny.  

We had no idea how monumental those surf trips would become- we were having too much fun.  It was before the internet, cellphones, and autofocus.  We used 16mm film and were never 100% certain what we shot came out until we saw the film transfers from Hollywood months later.

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On the search with Nalu TV

Who Are These Children? The Mind Ski Generation

Priorities are changing rapidly for the children up today. I know three young surfers, Byron Howarth, Chris Davidson, and Frankie Oberholzer, who can legitimately claim that by not going to school, they have learned more than their peers. As surfers, they can legitimately claim that by not competing, they have ridden better waves. Ask yourself: what furthers a surfer more, a world amateur title or his best tube ride?

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