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Searching For Tom Curren

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"Tom Curren's surfing has impacted every surfer in the world over the last 10 years"

Kelly Slater | Circa 1990

"I've Watched Searching For Tom Curren like a Kagillion Times!"

Mason Ho

"The Best Surf Movie in History!"
Good Luck Finding It...
Surfer Magazine | Circa 2016

For many surf historians, surf filmmakers & fans, "Searching For Tom Curren" is one of the best movies of all times.

Surfer Today

Searching for Tom Curren stars Curren from go to Whoa thirty-five minutes later and despite its brevity this is one of the finest surf films ever made. Curren is an Artist and a genius. His surfing is fluid, powerful , instinctive and brave. - The Sun Herald | Circa November 1996

Kelly Slater 11X Champion
Mason Ho Pro Surfer
Justin Housman Surfer Magazine
Surfer Today
Sydney Morning Herald