We have worked with the Nalu Vault on a few different footage requests from the Sonny Miller archives over the years. They were responsive and handled each case for us with no issue. One of the footage digs needed a creative eye, and Nalu was able to pull out exactly what we were looking for in a just a few days time — these were 25 year old clips shot on film. It’s great to know that this footage and Sonny’s legacy will continue to live on in future productions.

The team at Nalu were great to work with. We cleared archival footage for a documentary about Andy Irons life and Nalu was very helpful in getting us a selection of footage featuring Andy that fit our needs. They were professional, timely, and worked with our budget. I'll certainly be reaching out to Nalu on future surf projects that may need archival footage.

I currently finished up a short film series called made in South Africa, a nominee for best web series of the Year at the Surfer Poll awards 2019. The 3rd film in the series features Rip Curl Search icons Frankie Oberholzer and Tom Curren and to really tell my story and make the film come to life, I needed to track down the old search films archives, shot by Sonny Miller and Derek Hoffmann. As soon as I got in touch with the team at Nalu, they immediately went out of their way to make sure we had all the archival footage I needed and more. Without Nalu's help and passion for the archive my film would have been at a dead end. A massive thanks Nalu , I am in debt to you for life.

Working with the guys at Nalu was an absolute pleasure. Their passion for filmmaking always came first and allowed us to get to a point where we were collaborating. It's really cool to see Nalu continuing Sonny Miller’s legacy - it was an honor to be able to include his materials in our film.

Spencer Klien Producer | Parallel Sea 
Justin Fann Editor Andy Irons: Kissed By God
Jason Hearn, Producer Redbull Salt of the Earth Series
Justin Misch Producer, Spoons: A Santa Barbara Story
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