Fiberglass And Megapixels

Fiberglass and Megapixels sheds light on Hawaii's North Shore winter surfing scene and finds the true beauty within the over crowded image gathering free for all.

The surfing industry relies on these inspiring pictures from Hawaii to sell the surfing lifestyle and Fiberglass and Megapixels goes deep as top surfers, photographers and cinematographers share their perspective on what it takes and what it means to get the shot and live the surfing dream.

Photographers & Surf Athletes In Fiberglass & Megapixels 
Brent Bielmann
Sonny Miller
Brian Bielmann
Dave 'Nelly' Nelson
Jamie R. Brisick
Flynn Novak
Daren Vinson Crawford
Jamie O'Brien
Perry Dane
Fredrick Patacchia Jr.
Sean Davey
Roy Powers
Mick Fanning
Mike Prickett
Aamion Goodwin
Jim Russi
Ted Grambeau
Roy Powers
Larry Haynes
Mike Prickett
Mark Healey
Jim Russi
Bruce Irons
Daniel Russo
Reef McIntosh
Jordy Smith
Sonny Miller
Pierre Tostee
Ian Walsh
Jeff 'Mana' Walthall