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    A film by Larry Haynes and Derek Hoffmann

    Featuring: Johny Boy Gomes, Sunny Garcia, Dane Kealoha,  Kelly Slater, Tom Curren, Derek Ho, Michael Ho, Kaipo Jaquias, Larry Rios, Ross Williams, Shane Dorian, Liam McNamara, Garrett McNamara, Shawn Briley, Pancho Sullivan, Myles Padaca, Kahea Hart, Laka, Noah Johnson, Brad Gerlach, Matt Archibald, Shane Beschen, Rob Machado, Akila Apia, Chris Malloy, Keith Malloy, Shane Powell, Shuji, Kasuya Poto Veta David, Made, Rizal, Da Boys, Da Groms and many more!

    In 1994, before the internet, cell phones, and even DVDs, Larry Haynes and Derek Hoffmann were shooting film and video on the North Shore of Oahu and decided to collaborate on their first surf film.  The result was the VHS surf movie- Fluid Combustion.  Non-stop surf action edited to blistering 1990s rock music resulted in this classic surf movie.  A who’s who of rippers light it up in Fluid Combustion- everyone from Johnny Boy Gomes to Kelly Slater is featured. 

    Fluid Combustion is going off the Richter!   Heavy-dredging barrels, explosive carving, mind-blowing maneuvers. Captured with insane water cinematography and innovative camera angles that put you in the action.  
    Fluid Combustion ventures from the awesome power of Hawaii's North Shore to exotic lotions worldwide and features incredible snowboarding to give us the full spectrum of Fluid Combustion.

    • Running Time: 50 Minutes
    • Released in 1994
    • Coverart: Kris Kuhles

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews

    Awesome surf movie from the 1990’s. All the classics.

    Tony Austin
    FLUID COMBUSTION is kinetic and in your face. It has the best surf photography I have ever seen o...

    FLUID COMBUSTION is kinetic and in your face. It has the best surf
    photography I have ever seen on a home video or in a theater. Plenty of tube
    viewpoints, and best of all, some of the surfers were followed from behind so
    you can see them work the wave down the line. I also like that the producers
    included a couple of female surfers in those down the line shots. It was
    refreshing to see.

    The music is mostly "speed metal" but the band that impressed me the most was
    Tom Curren's. His band is the only contemporary band I know that can make
    vocals work with surf music.

    The wipeout sequence was the most brutal I have ever seen. It certainly
    wasn't entertaining. It made me cringe and writhe. Well, that is except for
    one wipeout. This guy was on a longboard, and he thought he'd walk the
    nose. What he did do was walk completely off the front end on a double
    overhead wave.

    This is not the best surf movie I have ever seen. My two favorites remain:
    THE SEARCH II and BEYOND BLAZING BOARDS. However, this movie has the best
    surf photography and inside the tube shots of any movie I have seen. Make
    this my number "3" surf movie of all time.

    Mahalo Tony, Thank you for your review and glad you enjoyed the film!