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  • Savage Cuts 2
  • a film by Peter Kirkhouse
  • Rip Curls "The Rubbermen" Surfing WA, Margaret River Contest 1987, the BHP Steel International Event, the Rip Curls Bells Pro 1988, the Winner Damien Hardman, and runner-up Tom Carroll. Classic Hawaii and more
  • Rip Curl Team: Simon Law, Marty Thomas, Jamie Brisick, John Shimooka, Mick McAuliffe, Nicky Wood, Damien Hardman, Tom Curren.
    Plus: Brad Gerlach, Cheyne Horan, Gary Elkerton, Stewart Bedford-Brown, Merrick Davis, Maurice Cole, Josh Palmateer, Ben Webber, Glen Casey, Reeveco, Pete Johnson, Josh Lock, John Darby, Pete Cameron and Neil Belcher.

  • Filmmaker: Peter "PK" Kirkhouse
    Produced by: Peter Kirkhouse and Rip Curl
    French Footage: Tarzan
    Hawaii Footage: Jeff Neu

  • Running Time: 45 minutes
    Released in 1988