Fluid Combustion



FLUID COMBUSTION is kinetic and in your face. It has the best surf photography I have ever seen on a home video or in a theater. Plenty of tube viewpoints and best of all some of the surfers were followed from behind so you can see them work the wave down the line.

I also like that the producers included a couple female surfers in those down the line shots. It was refreshing to see.

The music is mostly "speed metal" but the band that impressed me the most was Tom Curren's. His band is the only contemporary band I know that can make vocals work with surf music.

The wipeout sequence was the most brutal I have ever seen. It certainly wasn't entertaining. It made me cringe and writhe. Well, that is except for one wipeout. This guy was on a long board and he thought he'd walk the nose. What he did do was walk completely off the front end on a double overhead wave.

Tony Austin July 20, 1994