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A Surf film by Tom Boyle

Original Soundtrack by David Boyle and Dan Rothchild

Classic 1990s surf film featuring:  Kelly Slater, Tom Curren, Tom Carroll, Sunny Garcia, Vetea Poto David, Brad Gerlach, Johnny Boy Gomes, Martin Potter, Derek Ho, Matt Archibald, Shane Dorian, Sean Briley, Liam McNamara, Ross Williams, Davey Cantrell, Todd Holland, Gary Elkerton, Michael Ho, Rob Machado, Wes Laine, Davey Gonsalvez, Dino Andino, Kalani Robb, Mike Stewart, Marvin Foster, Dane Kealoha, Ronnie Burns, Mark Richards and Gerry Lopez: plus a host of Soulfull Shredders Stylin'.

Every Surfers style is uniquely his or hers. No two in the world are exactly the same. When studied closely, though, the formula remains the same. STYLE EQUALS SHRED PLUS SOUL. Under the Microscope, it becomes a matter of individual interpretation. How much shred versus how much soul? And which way does the scale tip when the stakes and the surf rise?

Filmed in Indonesia, California, Australia and the proving grounds of Hawaii's North Shore. 

Running Time: 51 Minutes
Released June 1993